Real Role Playing and Electronic Role Playing Games


I have been player of both paper and dice role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and electronic the role-playing games for years. While I feel both sources of entertainment have their high points, I have often thought that there was a real divide between the two at the claim of being “role-playing” games.

Playing games have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people get hooked into a game that can provide unlimited amounts of entertainment for as little money as the cost of the dice you roll. The best feature of such systems is of course the physical interrelation with others that allow you to say and do any thing that you want. If you want to save the kidnapped princess you can, but you can also tell the king to hang himself and go out on another adventure. The only limitation inflicted upon a player is the limit of his or her own imagination. True, the games often have rules but almost all of them encourage their players to

It’s Cool to Play Games


One of the best ways a majority of us relax, stay engaged, stave off boredom, or even blow off hours at work is to play games–video games, computer games (you do know there are a few addictive games in your word program, right?), or online games.

I own over a hundred games from the ever-wonderful I regularly visit gaming sites on the Internet as well. One, I still check out quite a bit is actually a free – boxerjam, great name isn’t it? never mind that these are where I played my very first games online the very first time–in the early eighties–I went online. (Those were the days when you would dial in, wait while the screeeoooobongbongbong sound that would later absolutely drive up the wall).

One game that I have been playing quite a bit lately, and I am absolutely hooked on is Pogo. You can play at three but you have to put up with intermittent advertisements. But really, paying to play games at Pogo (and I’m

Play Games Online

gm1Do you want to play games online but aren’t too familiar with what’s currently out there or how to get started? Here’s a quick overview.

Most online games are free, supported mostly by ads, though some games charge users for premium features. Casual games are the most popular because they are user-friendly, easy to learn and can usually be completed in 10 minutes or less. Massively multiplayer online games

Cozy Fun Games”

are fast gaining popularity and are the next major potential game market. Recent surveys conducted by Nielson show that 72.5% of households in the US have broadband connections. Homes with broadband connections are naturally the hottest target for online games.  Also advances in software technology, especially the introduction of Java and Flash, have given a boost to playing games online. Here’s a summary of the various online gaming options now available —

–Online First Person Shooter Games

These games allow you to enjoy an arena style of play whereby you take on your competitor head-to-head. Since the introduction of DOOM in the early 90’s this

Choosing the Best MMORPG Games

MMORPG games are just good to play. If you are a real game lover you must be aware of these games. These are the games that are really amazing. You can play them online for hours without getting bored.

With lots of MMORPG games to try out, it is always confusing to choose the best one to play. Each of these games is having their own rules and style of playing.

You will just love them all. Here I am just telling about some of the best MMORPG games that I love to play and hope you will also love them too.

1. EVE Online

This is the brilliant game online and you can get entertained through it all the time. You can play it in groups also. This is the multiplayer online game that is just lovable.

It will take you to the land of fantasies and dreams which you have never experienced. Just try this game and you will get the real pleasure of playing it online.

2. My Favorite Online & Best MMORPG – Gear

What Are Best Kinect Games To Purchase

New world of gaming experience on Xbox console may be released along with Xbox Kinect. Gamers are now able to enjoy long hours of gameplay without the need to physically hold a controller. Kinect has had the gaming world to another level, you are the controller with a hands free body motion controller plus you’ve got a great deal fun with the family and friends or in the event you only want to play on your own, it is possible too. You may also communicate with your Xbox 360’s content without the need of a controller. You can watch TV, listen to music or simply look at menus, all automatically! Microsoft developed Kinect to complete with PlayStation Move and Nintendo Wii systems. This game console has the capacity for tracking the gestures with the gamers employing a camera. Aside from this, Kinect even offers voice recognition software that will enable you to navigate the game utilizing your voice. You wondering which games you need to get for that Kinect? This article will show you which games are the best for your Kinect.

1. Kinect Adventure: Comprising of 20 mini-games, Kinect Adventure is an

Why Do Men Play Games?

Men’s behavior at best is confusing, irritating, and just plain frustrating, because they always seem to be playing games. But why do men play games? What makes them think that playing games gets them anywhere? Here are 7 reasons why a man would choose to play mind games with someone he loves:

He’s Bored And Wants A Challenge
Men LOVE challenges. They love the feeling of figuring out and solving a problem; and they get a buzz from the process of figuring things out. Sometimes they try to figure you out by playing games, and in the meanwhile it’s the perfect way to keep himself interested and challenged all in one.

He’s Emotionally Unstable
Insecure men play games the most, because they need to feel in control. Sometimes you may be hitting him hard where it hurts most without realizing it, so he retaliates by playing games, so that you don’t come to know he’s actually hurt or insecure about something.

He Wants To Be In Control
If he feels like he is losing control over you, or the situation; he might start playing

The Benefits That Kids Get From Playing

Playing different types of games is already a part of almost all children’s lives. You can rarely see children who do not involve themselves in outdoor or indoor games. There are several benefits that they can get from playing different types of games, outdoor games in particular. This is the main reason why parents should let there kids be. They have to let them play with other children so that they can fully experience what it is like to be a kid.

An evident benefit that children can get from playing outdoor games has something to do with their physical aspect. There are so many children nowadays that are suffering from obesity and one of the best ways to solve this kind of problem is through exercise along with proper diet. When children play any outdoor games, they are already exercising. They run, jump, crawl, etc. and all these actions are known to be very beneficial for them. Even if they just spend a few hours of playing outdoors, they can already prevent several diseases like eating disorders, cardiovascular disease and many more. Playing outdoors can also contribute to developing their muscles and

Best Free Games for iPad

An iPad has become a wonderful gaming platform leaving other consoles merely toys. To tell you the truth, I have become a gamaholic with the release of Apple’s tablet computer. This gadget has even changed my daily routine.

I used to get up early in the morning, check my email and spend half an hour reading news, hot stories and preparing for my classes. And now I start my morning searching for the new games for iPad. I launch the App Store and run through game reviews to download another free app or game and test it before sharing it with my friends.

This device has become an iconic for many people. It quickly replaces popular gaming consoles since more and more developers create iOS games that are not only cool and fun to play but also free to get.

Here are the best free games for iPad that I cannot stop playing. They are very addictive.

1. PIY 4 HD is a great free game for music fans. Its full name is PlayItYourself 4 HD. This game will not teach you how to

Play Games for Girls Online

Although boys are usually the ones who spend most of their time playing games, there are also some games for girls which are a lot of fun. Girls want to have fun and playing these games can become a good way of spending their leisure time.

Among the most famous games are the ones involving cooking or dressing up; this is only natural given that these are the two things which interest girls the most. Furthermore, there are also some make up games, which are also very popular among girls. These games for girls are very easy to play and any little girl who knows how to operate a computer can play them. The best feature of these games is that they are extremely colorful and that makes them really attractive to girls. Furthermore, in the category of games for girls are also included games which feature current stars such as Hannah Montana or Nick Jonas. Given that these stars are very popular among girls, they will be love to play a game in which they have to dress up Hannah Montana or give a makeover to Justin Timberlake, for example.

What Is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game?

A recent trend in computer gaming is the continuing and explosive growth of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPGs. While MMORPGs have been around for some time, the genre has now become more popular than ever before. Once considered a niche market for serious computer gamers only, MMO games now show up in mainstream marketing and advertising, television shows, movies and numerous other media.

An MMORPG is defined as a game where an extremely large number of people play and interact with each other within a virtual world online. In these games, players take on the role of a character and use that character to interact with other players and complete activities within the game. Often, the player takes control of the character’s actions, both in interpersonal ways and in game play activities.

A key difference between MMORPGs and single-player games or small-scale multiplayer games is the ongoing evolution of the game world even when the player is not online. Because of the scope of these games, the game is usually hosted by the publisher and is available at all times to players. As a result, an individual player

Five iPad Role Playing Games for the Hard Core

While the iPad is usually known for the games that are usually casual games that do not need much commitment, the iTunes store also has RPG (short for role playing games) that, much like other console RPG’s, need a lot of time to bump, grind and level up to perfection to finish.

Hard core gamers, rejoice. The iPad is our mobile RPG console. Here are my picks for the best role playing games for the iPad.

1. Infinity Blade 1 and 2 – Infinity Blade is very well known for its gorgeous graphics, but the game play never disappoints. Infinity Blade 1 had set the gold standard for action RPG’s while Infinity Blade 2 had beaten its predecessor with a much more intricate fighting styles and the addition of an online cooperative game called clashmob.

2. 100 Rouges – This games features a lot of classes with different skills trees and abilities and game play that are usually short, to be finished in one day, which usually ends in the player dying. While 100 Rouges games are usually short, this game needs the player to practice again

World of Warcraft Is Better Than Most Massive Multiplayer Online

Many massive multiplayer online role-playing games are available on the internet. Some of them are good, some of them is just plain not enjoyable. Most of the time, they offer players free accounts just to let them play the game. However, some of them are not worth the time of a gamer. In case that you are a gamer yourself, you might understand this. In case that you are not, it is simply that most free online games or massive multiplayer online games are not worth playing. If you are a new gamer or found yourself interested in playing online games, World of Warcraft is definitely a must try for you.

World of Warcraft is one of the pioneers of massive multiplayer online role-playing games. Not only that this game is one of the first, this game is also the first in terms of player accounts. As of late December 2011, it has been reported that it has now more than ten million players that are playing. This is a definite proof that many players enjoy this game and there are many reasons why they are hooked up with it. One of the

Discover the Best Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

If you are looking for a great massive multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG, the best game you could choose is World of Warcraft. This is the fourth installation of the game created by Blizzard Entertainment. Set in the fantasy world of the Warcraft universe, many Warcraft fanatics were instantly hooked to this game. Apparently, this game is the leading massive multiplayer online role-playing game in terms of the number of players. As of December 2011, it has a whooping number of subscribers amounting to 10.2 million accounts. In addition, this game holds the Guinness World Record for being the most famous massive multiplayer online role-playing game.

Just like any popular massive multiplayer online role-playing game, World of Warcraft will allow you play the game with a single character or avatar. You can also freely switch the camera style to first person or third person view. The things you can do in this game is to explore the Warcraft world, defeat a wide variety of monsters, finish quests, interact with non-playable characters, and talk or battle with other characters that are online. To keep on playing this game you would need to subscribe

Playing Games With Your Dog

Playing games with your dog can provide great benefits for both you and your dogs. Unfortunately, many people don’t spend nearly enough time playing with their pets each day. They miss out on the fun of playing games with their dog and don’t realize how relaxing and enjoyable it can be.

Playing games with your dog is also great for your dog if he has any problems with boredom or anxiety. Dogs are different from people. It’s not hard to keep a dog active and busy. If you give a pet something to do and keep them busy, your dog will be happy. Ideally, if your dog spends time playing then it will help him use up some of his extra energy.

A simple game of fetch or time spent searching for hidden treats can keep your pet busy and use up lots of energy. Games such as these also require a lot of your dog’s mental energy. That means that these games will keep your dog’s attention and keep them entertained for quite a while.

Choosing the Right Games

No matter what kind

Who Else Wants To Play Games For Money

You can play games for money as a video game tester!

Before we get started, let’s clear the air: you can make money testing video games but you need to work at it! Testing games is a great job, and there is a lot of income potential, but you have to work for it! If you are willing to sweat a little, then read on to learn the good and bad about game testing, where to start looking, and how to apply.

What’s so great about being a video game tester?


o You get to play unreleased games

o You get to play games for money (earn between $10-$120 an hour)

o You can work from home

o You can work part time or full time

o You get to keep the games

o You get access to developer codes and cheats

o You get to shape the fate of video games

The biggest perks are of course working from home, and

Play Games Online

After a long hectic busy day, games plays an important role to relax frayed nerves, scorched eyes and tired ears. Playing games is considered as one of the best way to be entertained oneself. Unlike traditional games, the latest online games have brought revolution in different segment of society. As a matter fact, these internet based games can be played among children, youth, professional as well as aged people. While talking about online games, there are many games for everyone, as they are blended with the regal of redefined fun, alluring excitement and in a nut shell epitomising the lighter side of life.

Playing online game is a new concept in the internet revolution. Some years from now, options for having fun inside home were fairly limited. But with the tremendous advancement in IT technology, things have changed drastically in favour of users. With an outcome of online games, things have turned to one hundred and eighty degrees. As a matter of fact, the users can now play thousands of free games on their computer or laptop, provided they must have fast Internet connection. This online game mode can be accessed, across the

Role Playing Games

A role-playing game (RPG) is a type of game where players assume the roles of imaginary characters in a scenario created by the game developer and vicariously experience the adventures of these characters.

In role-playing games players often team up to generate narratives. The play progresses according to a preset scheme of rules and strategy, within which players may invent liberally. Player options shape the course and conclusion of role-playing games.

Role-playing games are usually more gung-ho and casual fun than competitive. A role-playing game unites its participants into a single team that fights as a group. A role-playing game rarely has winners or losers. This makes role-playing games uniquely different from board games, card games, sports and other types of games. Role-playing games attract because they fire the players’ imagination.

There are many different types of role-playing games. The PC-based RPG-s of today aren’t an original genre; they are derived from board-based or real-life games that have been popular with children and even grown-ups for a long, long time. One such RPG might involve guests at a dinner party acting out suspects in a murder mystery,

Get Paid to Play Games

Getting paid to play video games – it’s every gamer’s dream job, but what if it was actually possible? Well the fact is that games all around the world get paid to play games every single day, and yet most people are totally unaware of the vital role they play in the game development industry.

Back in the 1980s computer and video games were developed by small teams on low budgets. Often one programmer would also do level design, graphics and testing. These days things have changed, and video games are big business, with big budgets and teams of developers. In fact, the worldwide video games market is now estimated at over $50 billion each year, and with individual games having multi-million dollar budgets the role of the game tester is now vital.

Games testers really do have a dream job – after all they get paid to play games! However, it’s not all fun and games, it’s a serious job and games companies only want gamers who are professional and have the skills required to deliver results.

Games testers usually begin working on a particular project

Which Are the Best Kinect Games

The release of Kinect has ushered in a new world of gaming experience on the Xbox console. Gamers can now enjoy long hours of gameplay without the need to physically hold a controller. What is more interesting is that you can interact with your Xbox content like menus, watch TV or listen to music without a controller. So which are the best Kinect games to buy? In this article I review five of the best Kinect games to look out for.

1. Kinect Adventure: Kinect Adventure is an action packed video game comprising 20 mini-games for the entertainment of the whole family. Gamers play the role of a fun-loving adventurer that travels the world searching for challenges.

Each challenge overcame allows players to collect adventure pins which in turn earns the players medals. The mini-games are easy to learn and can be played in the following modes:

a. Adventure mode: Players play a set of mini-games with challenges to overcome in order to progress to the next level.
b. Free Play mode: In this mode of the game all levels are unlocked and players can choose which mini-games they want to play.
c. Time Play

Top 5 Best Racing Games

If you want the best racing games, the iPhone is where it’s at. The iPhone’s 3G technology and accelerometer make for the best iPhone apps out there. Driving has never been so simple. Most games allow you to whip around the tracks with either touch screen or the accelerometer. Turn your iPhone from left or right, tip down, or up to go forward and most games do not require you to press a button for the gas. Let’s look at the top 5 best iPhone apps.

5. Asphalt 4– Use the accelerometer for easy steering as you zip through the streets of Los Angeles, New York, or Shanghai in anything from a Bugatti Veryon to a Mini Cooper. Take out your opponents with a swift bump in the rear, or side swipe. You’ll see the take down mechanic return in this fast paced race that you loved from other Asphalt series. You can even race against your friends with the wi-fi multiplayer feature. This cutting edge game even allows you to drift, making this one of the best iPhone apps out there.

4. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D– Practically every gamer is aware of what Crash